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A betrayal to diversity

»Today the Stream is digi­tal media’s domi­nant form of orga­ni­zing infor­ma­ti­on. It’s in every social net­work and mobi­le app­li­ca­ti­on. Sin­ce I gai­ned my free­dom, ever­y­whe­re I turn I see the Stream. I guess it won’t be too long befo­re we see news web­sites orga­ni­ze their ent­i­re con­tent based on the same princi­ples. The pro­mi­nence of the Stream today doesn’t just make vast chunks of the Inter­net bia­sed against quality—it also means a deep betra­yal to the diver­si­ty that the world wide web had ori­gi­nal­ly envi­sio­ned.« Hos­sein Derakhshan

Still valid. High­ly recom­men­ded read

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