The game of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

What a clown.

All his »jour­na­li­stic« merits in his time as »repor­ter« in Brussels for the Dai­ly Tele­graph ori­gi­na­ted from ridi­cu­ling the EU. For years.[1]Boris John­son

He hims­elf crea­ted the cari­ca­tu­re of the EU a few Brits belie­ved to vote on in 2016.

This man has as much decen­cy as a flagellate.

It is hard not to beco­me sar­ca­stic over all this brexit-thing. It may even seem fun­ny at times. But actual­ly it is not.

Some peo­p­le will have to pay the pri­ce. And I think I have an idea which class they belong to. Pro­ba­b­ly it’ll be tho­se Eto­ni­ans and Oxfor­di­ans. Not. LOL.

Worth a look : John Clee­se on brexit, news­pa­pers and why he’s lea­ving the UK (BBC).

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1 Boris John­son

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