The warped perception in The Atlantic

Worth it? Really??

This is the second time that I feel a litt­le irri­ta­ted – to say the least – rea­ding a lead-sto­ry as super­fi­ci­al and shal­low like this in one of my favou­ri­te inter­na­tio­nal maga­zi­nes – The Atlan­tic. The first one I found high­ly idio­tic was this one.

I can’t belie­ve it is pure coin­ci­dence that in both cases the aut­hor of this yada-yada-yada is the same. But I remem­be­red style and sim­pli­stic approach immediately. 

The cur­rent issue might have been avo­ida­ble if the aut­hor had infor­med hims­elf a bit deeper in serious and relia­ble sources about the actu­al con­se­quen­ces of the so cal­led Brexit-»deal«. It is not about »simp­le cal­cu­la­ti­ons of GDP« or eco­no­my in gene­ral alo­ne – far from. 

BTW: Brexit is not about EU and UK alo­ne eit­her. It has never been. The con­se­quen­ces of this natio­na­li­stic acci­dent may – in other euro­pean count­ries – cau­se a lot more »may­hem«, as Mr. Simp­le Mind McTa­gue calls it. Not to men­ti­on Ire­land. Which he may have heard of.

Per­haps the edi­tors are not doing their job too well. Well, igno­rance is bliss and cur­se at the same time.

Any­way. For me this means that I will have to think my sym­pa­thy for The Atlan­tic over.

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