Why Biden is right

POTUS Barack Oba­ma and Vice Pre­si­dent Joe Biden at the Veri­zon Cen­ter in Washing­ton DC.

»If you have a pro­blem figu­ring out whe­ther you’­re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.« Joe Biden

Can someone explain that to me? Why is Biden giving in to the ridi­cu­lous cri­ti­cism on his remark? He is abso­lut­e­ly right. And he should not tell peo­p­le that it was meant to be a joke – becau­se it is not and has never been. This is the truth. Plain and simple.

Someone voting for a down­right racist – and the­re can be no doubt about that -, is not voting in his own inte­rest. Or anyo­ne else’s, BTW.

It is like a jew voting for Hitler.

That the Trump-camp is using this alle­ged »mista­ke« of Biden for their own obnoxious busi­ness – is no surprise.

Trump, not Biden, is the racist.

Some examp­les?

Some more examp­les?

Or watch this.

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