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Zuckerberg and journalism

Zucker­berg does not under­stand jour­na­lism. Eit­her that, or he doesn’t care.

Pro­bab­ly both.

Albeit he said one thing that even I can con­si­der (par­ti­al­ly) correct.

»I do think that in gene­ral, wit­hin a news orga­niz­a­ti­on, the­re is an opi­ni­on,« he said. »I do think that a lot of what you all do, is have an opi­ni­on and have a view.«

Nowa­days the­re are way too much so cal­led jour­na­lists that actual­ly are activists.

In my view a jour­na­list must not have any agen­da. But this is not how things work nowa­days. News out­lets are more like mul­ti-aut­hor blogs who brawl over atten­ti­on – read: clicks. The more flas­hy the bet­ter. And this is not Facebook’s or Zuckerberg’s fault.

Des­pi­te this the unli­mi­ted power of Face­book – and its foun­der – is an even big­ger problem.

Lea­ve Face­book. Quit Insta­gram. Drop Whats­app. Now.

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