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DeviantART: Where Porn meets Nazis

Nach sie­ben Jah­ren habe ich ges­tern mei­nen Account bei Devi­ant­Art auf­ge­ge­ben. Ganz geschlos­sen habe ich ihn noch nicht, damit mei­ne letz­ten Jour­na­le dort sowie die dazu­ge­hö­ri­gen Dis­kus­sio­nen zugäng­lich blei­ben. Sie erklä­ren mei­ne Grün­de. Die Kurz­fas­sung lau­tet: Devi­ant­Art tole­riert Bil­der­dieb­stahl bzw. die Ver­wen­dung gestoh­le­ner Bil­der auf sei­nen Sei­ten. Devi­ant­Art tole­riert Por­no­gra­fie, die als »artis­tic nude« getarnt daher­kommt. Devi­ant­Art tole­riert die flä­chen­de­cken­de Unter­wan­de­rung durch Nazis. Habe fest­ge­stellt, dass die Jour­na­le noch erreich­bar sind – war­um auch immer (eigent­lich nicht mög­lich!?). So kann sich […]

How to convert photos from within Dolphin or Konqueror

Well, this is actual­ly a spin­off-pro­­­duct from my effort to com­pen­sa­te a flaw of Digi­kam. But I think it might be use­ful for anyo­ne and thus deser­ves an arti­cle of its own. Ima­gi­ne you have a fol­der with some pics in it – as they came off your chip or from the came­ra. You are in a hur­ry and, for examp­le, need to send some files to someo­ne else immedia­te­ly. They don’t have to be per­fect, should just be smal­ler. You could start your favou­rite image-editor, […]

Photo-Workflow in Linux with Digikam

Well, this is not for Digi­kam alo­ne. You should con­si­der this as a gui­de­li­ne on how you can orga­ni­ze your digi­tal pho­tos in Linux (and the other one as well 😉 ) I am far from say­ing that this is the only way to do it, but I can assu­re you that it works and has pro­ven to be effi­ci­ent. Some peop­le copy their files from the came­ra or the chip to a fol­der on the hard­dri­ve – and that’s it. Some even don’t bother […]

Linux and photography

For many years pho­to­gra­phy and linux have not been the best friends. But it seems, as if this has chan­ged. This week I did some­thing which see­med impos­si­ble until now. I kicked Win­dows. No more XP/64, no more 7/64. Go figu­re. Final­ly the­re are linux-repla­ce­­ments for the have-to-have-apps like Ado­be PS and LR. Now I use Digi­kam (cur­r­ent­ly 1.4, see screen­shot abo­ve) to manage/edit all my pho­tos, Gimp (2.7, devel) as addi­tio­nal edi­­t­ing-sof­t­­wa­re and also Kri­ta, which has some poten­ti­al. And the Kipi-plugins […]