Fluxbox is fast and sexy

Sin­ce bbLean has been my favou­rite shell for Win­dows for many years it it no sur­pri­se that I like *box-vari­ants on Linux as well. I pre­fer them not only becau­se they are lean and fast and high­ly con­fi­gura­ble, but most­ly becau­se they sup­port my work­flow and har­dy ever get in the way. And as vir­tual­ly ever­ything can be done by key­­­board-shor­t­­cuts they boost my pro­duc­ti­vi­ty – if I can remem­ber the short­cut when nee­ded, that is ;). Cur­r­ent­ly I am on flux­box (the blee­ding edge git-version), […]